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Join the 21st Century with the Latest Location Based Marketing.

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When you are aready to Engage the new customers, we have plans for that. 
But, you can remain free with No Conditions or Gimmicks.

We are doing this in order to have more businesses listed for our Customer Base.
And what better way to do this than to Give it Away for FREE?

how to create a web page for free

Customers Find You

As the International App grows, soon 1,000's of Local Folks will be finding you with their "Near Me" feature.

The Queston becomes What do you want them to See?

You have Control.


You don't pay for your Listing or for Several Other Features.

You'll have a Mini Site, links to your main site, pictures, coupon, basically you have control.

Goal: Get NEW Customers in the Door for FREE.


I'm sure you realize that "20% of your Customers account for 80% of your Business?"
When you decide it's time to Engage those customers where they want, on their Smart Phones, in order to Get and Keep them, we have the answers with several different tools.

Get Yours

No Gimmicks
  • Our "Near Me" Feature means Customers WILL FIND YOU.
  • Location Based.
  • Tied onto the GPS System on their Phone.


New Customers
  • NEW Customers that haven't been in your place before.
  • Our system reaches out and Finds them.
  • Brings them into your location.


They have the Power
  • They decide how far out to look.
  • By Category, Distance, products, etc.
  • 25 GB Bandwidth


Your Options
Stay free or Engage
  • You WILL pop-up on their screen.
  • If you want to Engage them, we have those options.
  • But if All you want is to be found, just Stay Free.

Beacons & GeoFences

Push Out
  • Customers love it because they see real-time information on businesses NOW.
  • It Unlocks the Power of their Phone WITHOUT them spendiing a Dime.
  • Totally FREE to the Customer.

More Business

  • You control what they see.
  • The WHEN is controled by the GeoFence
  • The WHAT is controled by your Online Interface.

Rich Text

Full Page Ads
  • Push Notifications using Rich Text Format for Full Display Effect...
  • Exclusive Feature


Just Starting
More Coming
  • We have a list of features just around the corner...
  • What about your own, Secure APP Shopping Cart?
  • How about Updating from your Smart Phone?
  • More on the way.

More Features

You simply Won't Believe the Power of this system.

Offers, Specials, CouponsYou Control
Think of it like Google+, Google Maps, Google Places,
RetailMeNot, YellowPages, Yelp, Twitter and Facebook
all rolled into one only on Sterroids.
Multitude of Features
"What's Near Me Now" for CustomersReal Time Business Contacts
Customer also has control.They can opt to receive simple
messages all the way up to
Full Page Color Rich Text Ads.
Customer Adds you as a Favorite.You now have a more direct medium
of reaching out directly and personally.
Customer Likes You.You now get access to a host of
information including dempgraphics.
Target MarketingWith the information above you can
do Direct, Target Marketing
all right through the system.
Push NotificationsFAR Superior to Texting, messages go directly
to the customers, Immediately.
Up to the Minute Push Notifications.
You can react to business conditions
as they develop, in Real Time.
"Today from 1:00 till 3:00, 1/2 off on
all side orders."

Watch your slow day get busy.
Multi-LingualThe customer sets the language they desire
on their phone and then ALL your messages
arrive in That Language.
Multi-Lingual with A.I. Technology.You send out one message, it's Auto-Translated
to the Language of Preference at the Customers
End, the language they have set on their phone.
Multi-Lingual CouponsEven your Coupons are translated.
Grow as Needed.
Start Smaller and let the System Tell You
when it's time to Upgrade.
The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in the system recognizes
when more folks are wanting to engage than your plan
will accomodate. It will ask if you want to upgrade
to engage those additinal people.

See What's Coming!

ReVamped Offers Section.Enhanced features and functionality.
Enhanced Functionality Will include 'last minute type offers' with countdown times and
'group type offers.'
Enhanced Card Ratings.Now we capture the location when a card is being rated, and will give
higher priority in the ratings algorithm for ratings that actually
take place within a certain radius of the physical location of the business.
This one feature will set the Google Rankings On Fire!
Advertising helps in Two Ways.When you advertise the app and your listings to your visitors,
you not only get more business but better ratings with verified status.
Teams FeatureThis will allow the merchant to create and add team members, and give
each member their access privileges to managing their main account.
Advanced "Rich Text" FeaturesImproved “Rich Media” push notifications with options to design your message, control
almost every possible variable (title, text, image, background image or color, links, buttons, etc.)
Higher PlansEven more options in the Higher Plans on the Teams Feature above.
LinkingLinking the main dashboard user(s) with App users: If you are a merchant,
and use your same email to register/login on the mobile app, you will see
an additional menu item “Admin Dashboard” where you will see your analytics and stats.
Future LinkingIn future phases, you will be able to create, edit, and manage all aspects
of the dashboard all from Within The App. This will allow real time changes and
adjustments from your phone or tablet while in the business or on vacation.
Add your own StoreSell memberships, products, order take-out, confirm an appointment, etc.
Allow Waitroom Notifications."Take a seat in our waiting area and we'll buzz your phone when
your table is ready."
See up-to-the-minute Wait Times.Say you have an Automotive Oil Change facility. Customers can see just how
long the wait would be so they can plan accordingly.
Think they will start frequenting you over the competitor where they just stop
in and take their chances?
Resturant: Add your menu.Customers can order ahead for pick-up.
Complete entire transaction on their Secure Mobile App.
We're Just Getting Started!Doesn't it make sense to get your Free App Listing NOW?